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BaYan Retail is an easy POS system that helps you manage your sales and inventory from one place and keep your business running smoothly

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Why BaYAn Retail POS System?

Every business can benefit from the BaYan Retail POS system, especially when the business aims to grow.

Free Remote Access

Manage and follow -up on your operation from one place - Have all your data anytime, and anywhere for quicker and more efficient decision making

Get Secured

99.95% uptime - User protection agreement - Access and security multiple protocols - Monthly backup for the admin user

Pay as you go

Pay monthly subscription for what you need only - Zero setup fees - Zero maintenance fees - No extra hardware - No special staff needed

Connect Multiple Locations

Connect all your business (branches - warehouses - offices - sales units) - No need for servers, cables, or setup - Synchronize all your operations instantly (real-time)

Simplicity, connect and operate

Register and operate on the same day - User-friendly interface - Online tutorials - 24/7 customer support - Your data can be migrated directly

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Our Services

We provide a service that helps you control your business easily with our seamless and advanced BaYan Retail system

Here's what to do, book a 30 min call today and get a quick presentation about our SAAS software for your business development

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It's Easier with BaYan Retail POS System

The goal of BaYan Retail POS system is to help you manage sales, inventory, orders, and customers from one place. It's an easy-to-use system that will save you time and money while helping you keep your business running smoothly. If you are looking for a complete and efficient way to run your business, BaYan Retail is the right solution for you.

BaYan Retail POS System will simplify your business with cloud-based software that you can use on the go.
No more complicated information, no more wasting time searching for the data you need, so you can stay on top of what’s important.

BaYan Retail Saas Powered by Microsoft Azure

BaYan Retail provides services to its customers in many areas, and these services are basically software.
What if you had one dashboard to manage your entire business? What if you could see everything in one place, all in real time? This is the definition of SAAS software.
BaYan Retail is a cloud-based software that will revolutionize the way you run your business. Whether it’s inventory, financial or customer data; BaYan Retail is the ultimate solution. We recently released our mobile app which has already been a huge hit with our customers! Saas or Software as a Service systems were originally based on the idea of ​​providing software as a service.

Our Clients

A Quick Look on Our Recent Success Partners.

10 أفكار استشارية لعملك
10 أفكار استشارية لعملك
10 أفكار استشارية لعملك
10 أفكار استشارية لعملك
10 أفكار استشارية لعملك
10 أفكار استشارية لعملك
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We Are Working to Help You Develop Your Business

Manage all POS with one click. We will help your business transition from traditional to digital business. Besides choosing the right tools for your business using our POS Software.